Weekly Ritual Progress Report

Dryer Lint Ritual

I vow from here on out I will make dryer lint paper every time I use my dryer. It reminds me to take out the lint, which I always forget, and will prevent me from ever running out of paper.

In the video I am adding art paper scraps to give the paper more structure. These scraps have some mineral pigment tests on them and I am curious if I will be able to tell in the finished paper.

Color with Me Ritual

Testing every crayon in the box every day of the quarantine.

Breathing Check Ritual

Apparently she is a light sleeper. She moves every minute or so when I’m drawing her. Although it may be because I am awkwardly squeezed between her ceiling and a squeaky bunk bed.

Knitting/Scrubbing Ritual

Knitting used to scrub the kitchen floor, as it looks in the morning light where it hangs in my studio window.

My pile of used pieces is larger than my pile of pieces waiting to be scrubbed with. Must get knitting!

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