“Take Me to Kentucky”

is what my daughter calls a game where I wrap her up in one of our family quilts and bring her somewhere else in the house.

I have no idea where the name came from. She invented this game years ago.

With enthusiastic permission from the kid I have expanded the game board to a three block radius from our home.

How the game is played:

1. Overlay map of world onto map of neighborhood.

2. Gather quilts and discard self-consciousness.

3. Child points to place on map they would like to travel to.

4. Adult wraps child in quilt.

5. Adult carries child wrapped in quilt to desired location.

6. Child unwraps self and explores new surroundings. (Optional- I set my child down and run away.)

In silliness we are mapping the domestic and the global. Expanding and contracting our world.

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