M. F. A.

In order to restart making art works I have done extensive research into my lineage as a mother/artist. Almost everyone I come across earned an MFA and established themselves as an artist before becoming a mother with a scant few attending MFA programs while pregnant or with young children. But they all have an MFA.

For many practical reasons a traditional MFA does not work for me so with Lenka Clayton’s Artist Residency in Motherhood in mind I create my own MFA program.


I will create a curriculum, hand out assignments and seek out assessments. After I complete my own MFA I will create an online platform- much like an online university- where others may participate.

Stay tuned.



*When I say “I” will be creating an online platform I really mean Brian, my partner and collaborator, will! I will fill the platform with content. I am eternally grateful for his constant technical support! ❤