Assignment #1: Mother Work: Maps

Map received from local mother-artist.
Map received from local mother-artist.


My maps serve as examples for participants in this project. The left map is from when Aeon was very young and the right is my current map.

I am currently working on recruiting local domestic worker/artist/participants for this project. If you know anyone send them my way!

Call to Artists/Domestic Workers
Below is my vision for a public performance art/activist work. This work relies on participants, both the creators of the work and the public. If you are a domestic worker- a mother, father, housekeeper, nanny, caregiver etc. – I need you. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how to create your own map or otherwise become involved. No experience in art or performance required.

Public Performance Art Proposal
Title: Mother Work: Maps
Physical Description:
The final product of the performance will be a series of chalk maps drawn onto sidewalks and other (concrete) public spaces such as Kesey Square. The product is temporary as the rain will eventually wash the chalk away.
The performance will consist of several individuals simultaneously drawing their own maps onto public walking space. The performers are domestic workers- mothers, maids, caregivers- drawing maps of their daily movements at work. Viewers are invited to become participants by walking along the lines of the maps, walking in the footsteps of the performer.
Conceptual Description:
Mother Work: Maps is part of a series of works addressing the physical work of mothers and other caregivers/ domestic workers. Maps is a physical representation of the constrained and repetitive movements of domestic workers as metaphor for their restricted socio-economic movement.


Daisy Chain Art and Craft Fair
Map (Re)Collection Activity
Step 1: Draw a simple outline of your home or other space where you perform domestic work- mothering, fathering, cooking, cleaning, caregiving etc.
Step 2: To the best of your ability recall your movements while performing domestic work. You can choose to think of the whole day, an hour or two or a “typical” day.
Step 3: With the tip of your pencil representing your body trace your movements within the space you drew for step 1.
Step 4: Label your drawing with your name and email/phone (optional) as well as the span of time you chose to represent and the nature of your domestic work.
Thank you!