New Work


The Mother or the Child. Egg tempura on remade egg carton paper. Image depicts the hands of the Madonna from various Renaissance paintings with the child removed. Piece made for Object Afterlife Exhibition at M.E.C.C.A. and won an award.

Learn about my other work for M.E.C.C.A. here.

Tissue. REmade paper from used daycare tissues. Paper was crumpled when semi-wet to form tissue sculptures.




Log Cabin quilt block made with handmade paper from t-shirts, blue jeans and dryer lint. Also with child’s nightgown. Red quilting in pattern of breast tissue while lactating.



Family Movement Map. Embroidery on paper. Depicts movements between 5pm and 6pm on 11/07/16. Red = me, the mom. Blue = Brian, the dad. Yellow = Aeon, the 3 year old.


REmade Books

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