Place Portraits

These “portraits” are art research projects rooted in the materiality of place. Each project strives to depict the nature of a specific place and time through the art materials physically available in that place. The portrait itself is not a single object but the relationship built between people and place through the art materials given and received.

Backyard, Eugene OR

Mud Dye research, Spring 2020.

Cape Arago, OR

Natural Dye research. Fall 2019.


What are you commissioning from me?

If you engage my services as an art researcher you are commissioning the facilitation of a relationship between yourself and a piece of land. You are commissioning me to research the material potential of the physical elements of a specific place.

Besides the relationship, what is the end product of a commission?

Each commission is unique and completely tailored to your goals. The end product may be the research results- dye, paint, paper, and clay samples- because you would like to create something with these yourself. Alternatively the end product may be a series of custom household textiles or paintings because your goal is to decorate your interior with unique pieces indicative of its place in the world or another significant place.

What place?

You can commission me to research your home, a significant place in your personal history, a favorite vacation location, a neighborhood etc. Any place that holds significance to you and can be legally accessed and foraged from can be researched.

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