I spent this week feeling rather helpless, scrolling through Instagram, taking in everyone’s advice for what to do in the face of racial injustice. I tried to be a good ally by following these recommendations but the tornado of voices was overwhelming. My goal moving forward is to be a voice when the tornado has ceased. My goal is the longevity of this action.

Today is Breonna Taylor’s birthday and Cate Young @battymamzelle has made a call to action in honor of her. Find it HERE.

In the studio this week I created static drawings, copies of the insides of privacy envelopes, in carbon ink. To me this imagery and medium illustrate the times we are living in.


Weekly Artist Residency in Motherhood Check-In

This week my work seems trivial in the light of recent events. I acknowledge my privilege as a white person. Even in my own personal tragedies I have been privileged and I am constantly learning how to leverage that privilege to lift others up. Even when it is hard to see I ultimately believe in a common consciousness that binds us together.

This week I realized I have been making pathways, in copper ink and fiber nets, in stitches and knitting. I have accidentally slipped into a formal language consisting of lines. Lines going somewhere.

Where are we going?