Weekly Residency Check-In

To be honest, less Art was made this week than in previous weeks. My pace is slowing down as I begin to imagine our life moving forward and prepare mentally for more change.

—hold on while I pick up the bag of chocolate chips I spilled on the floor…

Okay, back… Yesterday a friend called to see if I could go on a walk, a 6 hour hike up a butte to be exact, in the middle of the day. I said yes because this sounded nice in theory but as soon as I hung up the phone my anxiety peaked and I think I came as close as I’ve ever been to a full blown anxiety attack. New habits have been formed and those habits are SEDENTARY for goodness sake! Well we made it and I can barely walk but a lesson was learned. Ease into spontaneity, ease into movement but do it nonetheless.

Aeon and I photographed each other obscured by our art projects this morning.

The shroud is coming along. When this knitting is as tall as me I will scrub the floor with it leaving a ghostly image of my body- hands and knees.

Aeon and I collaborated on public art displayed at our home.

In other news we got a new vacuum and it is the delight of the household. Aeon says…

“Mom, the vacuum sounds like people singing church songs while a fire alarm goes off!”



This weekend my daughter and I had a wonderful time giving her school worksheets, drawings and our dryer lint new life.

The re-birthing process was messy and wet but we made it out with beautiful paper we can use again.

Check out our collaborative tutorial HERE.

In my studio time this weekend I experimented with cutting lint paper into shapes and combining them with my toxic dot grids. Not sold on it but I’ll keep playing around with the idea.

I also experimented with materials to make my dryer lint paper less absorbent.

I want my toxic copper ink dots to just sit on top instead of soaking in.

I reached out on Instagram and got many recommendations, thank you!

I tried dots of Gesso but the ink dots ran off.

I tried egg whites as DIY sizing but the dots soaked in.

Then I tried workable fixative and it worked!

I would ideally like to find a natural solution but for now I still have a can of workable fixative from college! Feel free to send me another suggestion before my fixative runs out!

I cannot believe it is the third week of my Artist Residency in Motherhood. Time feels fast and slow all at once. I am really enjoying my time here. ❤

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